Program Pricing

We know you have many program options out there, so maximizing your value is important to us. Our program provides everything you need including test preparation, required certification coursework and support through our custom payment options that make sense for you and your budget. Candidates only pay a one-time enrollment fee of $195 during the enrollment process and will follow the program payment plan.

  • Total cost of the program is $4,450 (does not include application or enrollment fees)​

  • 30 days after program start, monthly payments of $95 will commence​

  • Once internship eligible the remaining balance will be split into 10 payments​

*Tuition and fees are subject to change at the discretion of Teach Us.

Additional Fees and/or Costs:
Other tests and fees that are requires outside of the program:

  • Alternative Teaching Certificate w/ SEI Endorsement: $120

  • Fingerprint Clearance Card: $67

  • National Evaluation Series (NES) Subject Knowledge Exam: $95- $120

  • National Evaluation Series (NES) Professional Knowledge Exam: $95

  • Constitutions of the United States and Arizona Exam: $90

  • Standard Professional Certificate: $60

The total cost to complete the program may include the additional costs (e.g., purchasing a laptop computer, internet access), which are not paid to Teach Us but are the candidate’s responsibility to acquire for participation in the program. There may be additional costs (e.g., intervention plan for test preparation, request to change certificate area), which will be paid to Teach Us.

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Course Retakes 

In the event a student fails a course, the student is required to retake the course and pay the above specified cost per credit when the course retake is scheduled. 

Payment Terms and Financial Assistance 

Payment Terms: The enrollment fee of $195 must be paid before starting the teacher certification program. Monthly program tuition payments of $95 must also begin at the time of the program start date.

NOTE: If after the expiration date a withdrawal is requested, the full tuition is owed for the program. 
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