Meet Our Team

Get to know our dedicated team of thought leaders and industry experts.

Our team is truly passionate about education. Together, we are focused on delivering quality educational experiences and helping learners meet their personal and professional goals.

Brandon Jouganatos, Ed.D.

Managing Director

With more than two decades of dedicated experience in education, Dr. Jouganatos has navigated through a diverse array of roles encompassing teacher preparation, student affairs, academic counseling, and executive administration. In the realm of academia, Dr. Jouganatos teaches a multitude of subjects across master's and doctoral levels and actively leads research initiatives driving meaningful change in education through their focus on critical areas such as educator preparation, holisitic student support, and the integration of innovative personalized learning technologies.

Veronica Galvan, Ed.D.

Vice President, Academic Relations

For several decades, Dr. Galvan has been deeply involved in Texas public education, serving as both a teacher and a professor. She has held various roles in test preparation for multiple certification exams, amassing extensive experience in preparing candidates for the teaching profession and their certification exams. Dr. Galvan's profound passion lies in mentoring candidates toward professional success, nurturing them into accomplished educators, equipping them with the tools to make a positive impact on their students' lives, and offering unwavering support on their path toward certification.

Pamela Wetherington, Ed.D.

Executive Director, Educator Preparation and Certification

For over 15 years, Dr. Wetherington has dedicated her career to public education, wearing multiple hats as a classroom teacher, teacher educator, and leader in teacher education. Across these diverse roles, Dr. Wetherington has consistently championed a core principle: ensuring that every student receives a high-quality, compassionate, relevant, committed, responsive, equity-driven, data-literate, and resilient educator.

Erika Saito, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Curriculum and Instruction

Dr. Saito has more than two decades of experience in PreK-12 classrooms and higher education, having worked in both the public and private sectors. Dr. Saito is committed to supporting and spearheading programs that seamlessly incorporate and cater to the needs of multilingual learners, grounded in culturally responsive and reflexive practices, nurturing social and emotional skills, and promoting literacy on both regional and international levels. Dr. Saito's expertise seeks to cultivate PreK-12 pre-and in-service teachers with a focus on delivering relevant and reflective curriculum, along with instructional support that aligns with the ever-evolving needs of educators and students alike.

Veronica Garcia, Ed.D.

Executive Director, Academic Operations & Compliance

Dr. Garcia's nearly three decades of experience in education exemplify her unwavering commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and student-centered learning, essential pillars in the pursuit of educational excellence and learner achievement. Her diverse background in administrative roles underscores her profound understanding of education at various levels. Dr. Garcia's educational philosophy prioritizes personalized, high-touch approaches, recognizing the individuality of each learner and their unique needs, thus ensuring they receive the customized support required to realize their full potential

Luis Gonzalez

Senior Director, Operations

For almost two decades, Mr. Gonzalez has been at the forefront of guiding aspiring educators towards their ultimate goal of teacher certification. Mr. Gonzalez shares a deep passion for the transformative impact that teacher certification can have on candidates' lives. His commitment extends to offering unwavering support and guidance to individuals striving to achieve their goals. Mr. Gonzalez is wholeheartedly devoted to sharing his wealth of knowledge, extensive experience, and invaluable wisdom to ensure candidates' success in their educational pursuits.

Melanie Alcorta

Director, Academic & Student Support

Ms. Alcorta holds several Texas teacher certifications spanning from Early Childhood through 12th grade. Over the last decade, her unwavering commitment has been focused on assisting individuals in achieving their teacher certification objectives. While recognizing the significance of content knowledge in teaching, Ms. Alcorta firmly believes that passion and dedication are the fundamental pillars of effective teaching. As such, she is dedicated to providing continuous support and guidance to every teacher candidate throughout their certification journey.

Valerie Guerra, M.S.

Director, Certification & Business Services

Drawing upon more than two decades of dedicated service in the field of education, Ms. Guerra has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise that encompasses a range of pivotal roles within academic institutions. Valerie's meticulous attention to detail plays a vital role in the accurate recording and verification of students' academic records, a fundamental aspect in safeguarding the institution's reputation. Her versatile roles in admissions, credentials, and business services stand as a testament to her unwavering commitment to the field and her steadfast dedication to assisting students in realizing their aspirations of becoming educators.

Rosalie Peterson, M.S.

Director, Enrollment & Student Support

Ms. Peterson is a devoted education professional with more than a decade of experience in higher education, having fulfilled a range of roles such as Academic Advisor, Campus Director, and Associate Director of Academic Advising. Ms. Peterson's unwavering commitment centers on providing exemplary student support and assisting aspiring educators in accelerating their paths to success in the classroom.

Nicole Yess, MHA

Manager, PMO & Systems

Ms. Yess places a high value on higher education and is dedicated to promoting the success of future educators. Her unique background in science, research, and technology equips her with the skills to efficiently manage learning software systems. She is particularly passionate about harnessing optimized technology to facilitate exam preparation and ongoing professional development, ensuring a seamless learning experience. In addition to her role, Ms. Yess serves as adjunct faculty for Master of Education programs.

Katie Eisel, M.S.

Director, Clinical Practice

Ms. Eisel has a rich background that encompasses 18 years of experience as both a classroom teacher and campus administrator. She then transitioned to higher education where she became a vital part of a teacher certification program. Ms. Eisel’s passion lies in educator preparation, and she firmly holds the belief that teaching is a skill refined through ongoing professional development, introspection, collaboration, and mentorship.

Lecia Eubanks, Ed.D.

Director, Learning and Assessment

Dr. Eubanks is a dedicated educator with experience spanning over twenty years in the field of education. Throughout her career, she has made an impact on teaching, learning, and instructional leadership in public education, serving as a teacher, campus principal, and district administrator. After a successful tenure in public education, Dr. Eubanks transitioned into the private sector, specializing in teacher certification and test preparation. This move reflects her commitment to providing support to aspiring teachers. By leveraging her extensive expertise from both the public and private sectors of education, Dr. Eubanks continues to positively shape the future of teaching and learning.