Our Approach

Learn what sets Teach Us apart from traditional teacher preparation programs.

Preparing Teachers for the Classrooms of the Future

Teach Us uses a personalized, student-centric competency-based approach with a focus on wraparound support and individualized preparation. The goals and needs of new teachers vary substantially based upon their backgrounds, experiences, and the demands of the learning environment they are engaged in. Therefore, the Teach Us approach utilizes data to inform growth as well as to identify supports needed to succeed.

A culture of care is evident in the structure and delivery of a curriculum that strives to influence and inspire student learning and development. Encouraging community, relationship building, and modeling these best practices are what sets Teach Us apart from traditional teacher preparation programs. We support, encourage, and prepare new teachers for the classrooms of the future!

A New-Age Educational Model

Teach Us educational model is centered around the transformation of the profession, where educators are prepared to not only have mastery of standards but build the internal skills and dispositions to navigate and adapt to the current school, classroom, and societal shifts.

The goal is to prepare and support teachers to be inspired agents of change and leaders in the classroom and district, who will contribute to the profession for a lifetime! Teach Us is dedicated to supporting a community of learners from initial certification all the way through an educator’s lifelong journey.
Relationship Driven
Emotional Literacy

A Culture of Care Community

Teach Us offers wraparound support and individualized preparation that maximizes targeted support for future and current teachers.


Together, we’ll help you target what areas are in need of the most support to provide individualized instruction and guidance along your journey.


Whenever you need support, Teach Us is there for you. Our instructors will always be available to offer advice and guidance through your preferred method of communication. 

Caring Community

Connect with teachers who are studying to pass your same exam, working on their certification, or are looking for new ways to engage their students! Our community is here for you.
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