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Teach Us was established in 2021 to address the U.S. teacher shortages through the creation of personalized and affordable teacher preparation resources, services, and support. Our objective is to deliver high-quality, accessible teacher preparation and personalized support to aspiring teachers. Our culture of care approach models teaching practices and strategies that are needed with the changes in our classrooms, schools, and communities as a result of the pandemic. Teaching and learning landscapes have shifted and our teacher preparation and support reflect those changes. While not decreasing rigor, the journey to deliver content effectively in online and face-to-face instruction is addressed through our teaching and learning principles.  
Vision Statement
Mission Statement
Teach Us Approach

A New-Age Educational Model

Teach Us educational model is centered around the transformation of the profession, where educators are prepared to not only have mastery of standards but build the internal skills and dispositions to navigate and adapt to the current school/classroom/societal shifts.

The goal is to prepare and support teachers to be inspired agents of change and leaders in the classroom and district, who will contribute to the profession for a lifetime! Teach Us is dedicated to supporting a community of learners from initial certification all the way through an educator’s life-long journey.
Relationship Driven
Emotional Literacy

Part of the Bertelsmann Education Group

Bertelsmann is committed to long-term partnerships with companies and innovators to create meaningful value for all stakeholders. Integrating advances in technology with innovative ways of teaching, learning, and performance optimization, comprehensive business models empower students with job ready expertise, and professionals with career transforming skillsets and great new opportunities. BEG supports organizations to build productive, successful, workforce-oriented value environments, aimed to increase access to quality healthcare and education in underserved communities.
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A Culture of Care Community

Teach Us uses a personalized, student-centric competency-based approach with a focus on wraparound support and individualized preparation that maximizes targeted support for future teachers.


Together, we’ll help you target what areas are in need of the most support to provide individualized instruction.


Whenever you need support, Teach Us is there for you. Our instructors will always be available to offer advice & guidance through your preferred method of communication.  


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