About Teach Us

Learn more about our mission, vision, and commitment to addressing the nationwide teacher shortage.

Preparing Educators for the Evolving Teaching and Learning Landscape

Teach Us was established in 2021 to help address teacher shortages across the nation by delivering accessible teacher preparation and development programs and a community of support to educators in every stage of their careers. 

Our goal is to strengthen teacher pipelines by removing the barriers to becoming an educator and increase retention through on-going support and development as well as partnerships with school districts, colleges, and educational organizations.

Learn more about our student-centric competency-based approach and what sets Teach Us apart from traditional teacher preparation programs. 

Our Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

Our mission is to impact and collaborate with educational communities by providing affordable, targeted, inclusive, teacher preparation services that will help reduce the teacher shortage gap and increase retention in the profession.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide equitable access to an innovative, personalized teacher pathway that is committed to a student’s journey to become a teacher and promotes a culture of care and community far beyond our services and products.

Part of the Bertelsmann Education Group

Bertelsmann is committed to long-term partnerships with companies and innovators to create meaningful value for all stakeholders. Integrating advances in technology with innovative ways of teaching, learning, and performance optimization, comprehensive business models empower students with job ready expertise, and professionals with career transforming skill sets and great new opportunities. BEG supports organizations to build productive, successful, workforce-oriented value environments, aimed to increase access to quality healthcare and education in underserved communities.