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Teach Us trains and provides extensive support to educators from certification to the classroom — and beyond.

Build the Foundation for a Rewarding Career in Education

At Teach Us, it’s our mission to support aspiring and established educators in every stage of their careers in an effort to address teacher shortages nationwide. Our online courses and programs prepare you to navigate the changing landscapes within classrooms and communities and build the foundation you need to make a meaningful impact in your students’ lives.

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Teacher Certification
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Develop your expertise and enhance your teaching practice.
When you create a free Teach Us account, you’ll have immediate access to a host of valuable education resources. You’ll also be one step closer to career advancement with the three main services we offer:

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In addition to our flexible, affordable education programs, Teach Us offers a variety of free tools to help you achieve your dream of becoming a teacher. With a Teach Us account, you’ll have access to a growing list of valuable resources:
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  • Sample practice tests to jump-start your success on state exams

  • Resume-building tips and tricks to make you stand out from the competition

  • Advice on landing internships to facilitate your pathway to teaching

  • An up-to-date career navigator to help you discover opportunities near you

Why Choose Teach Us?

We guide aspiring teachers through their journey. From beginning to end. Here’s how:

Evidence-Based Approach

Our strategy is supported by decades of evidence-based approaches from the learning sciences.

Skills for Today's Classroom

Our courses include diversity, equity, and inclusive practices that have a strong impact on optimal student learning.

Innovative Technology

We integrate innovative technology to strengthen the connection between learning and practice.

Culture of Care

Together, we’ll help you target what areas are in need of the most support and provide individualized instruction.

Experienced Educators

Our faculty and staff hold advanced degrees and teacher certifications and are dedicated to student success.

Adaptative Online Platform

Students can experience personalized learning from experienced educators anytime, anywhere, and at their own pace.

Educational Partnerships

Partner with Teach Us to prepare, retain, and support your teachers. Learn more about our partnership opportunities today!
Dr. Yxstian Gutierrez

Success Stories From Our Community

As a former English-language learner, a local school teacher, a higher education professor, and now a mayor, I am excited that Teach Us is not taking a status quo stance when it comes to preparing teachers.

They are taking bold steps to address ACCESS with innovative support that new teachers need. It is evident that Teach Us is committed to building relationships with education communities to support the retention of teachers. Their dedication to providing authentic solutions with high-touch relationships and wrap-around support is what the profession needs right now.
Dr. Yxstian Gutierrez
Mayor of Moreno Valley City and Professor in Education