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A Personalized Approach to Teaching

Teach Us was established in 2021 to help address teacher shortages by delivering accessible teacher preparation and providing a community of support throughout teachers’ professional journeys. Our goal has been and will continue to be to strengthen teacher pipelines by removing barriers in becoming a teacher and increasing retention through on-going, personalized support. This support includes interactions with and feedback from advisors, instructors, field supervisors, mentor teachers, and campus administrators who genuinely care about your growth, success, and professional development. Thus, throughout your professional journey with Teach Us, you can be assured that we are readily available to support you so that you are well-prepared to serve the diverse population of students in your classroom and school community. 

Because we understand that the goals and needs of teachers vary substantially, which are based on their backgrounds and experiences and the schools and communities in which you serve or will serve, our program uses a personalized, competency-based approach to teaching and learning. This approach relies on your personalized data, which helps inform the curriculum you will engage in, professional development opportunities, and systems of support for you to be successful and remain in the profession.

The coursework you will engage in is asynchronous/fully online, so you can progress on your own time, at your own pace. Throughout the coursework, you will have opportunities to learn about, practice, and receive feedback on equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), social emotional learning (SEL), Arizona’s Professional Teaching Standards, and the ISTE Standards. Additionally, test preparation is part of your coursework (at no additional cost). 

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Wraparound Support

  • You are not alone in this journey!

  • Teach Us Arizona provides you with comprehensive wraparound support to meet you where you are. When you enroll, you will receive a support team to help you with a variety of areas including academic counseling, coaching, tutoring, and ensuring your clinical practice placements meet Arizona requirements.

  • Leveraging the latest technology, Teach Us Arizona monitors your individual progress providing you with personalized advising and support to enhance your growth, including tools for linking academic pathways to career opportunities, exploring internship, apprenticeships, and professional certification options.


Program Structure

The coursework is structured into flexible, self-paced learning blocks of 3-4 months. Candidates take a total of 8 courses plus Clinical Practice/Internship. The courses include the requisite knowledge and skills that will prepare you for the rigor of today’s classrooms, so you are well-equipped to support and enhance a diverse population of students’ learning. NOTE: Program completion is approximate and will vary based on coursework, exams, and clinical practice benchmarks and milestones. 

  • Block 1 prepares you for the profession as it focuses on the foundation principles for teaching. The estimated time to complete Block 1 is 4 months. Candidates take 9 credits hours over 3 courses. NOTE: 15 hours = 1 semester credit. 

  • Block 2 focuses on how literacy is an integral component across all curricula and is specific to the certification area you are seeking. The estimated time to complete Block 2 is 3 months. You will complete 2-3 classes for 5-8 credits based on your certification program of study.​

  • Block 3 focuses on the importance of centering all curricula on students’ assets and needs and is specific to the certification area you are seeking. The estimated time to complete Block 3 is 2 months. You will complete 3 courses for a total of 8 credits.​

  • Block 4 is Clinical Practice (Internship) and runs concurrently in the program during Blocks 1-3. The estimated time to complete clinical practice is one academic year. 

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