Science of Teaching Reading

Course Content

Group Webinar 4-Part Series

  • On Day 1, candidates will explore the foundational concepts of reading pedagogy, gaining insights into scientifically based research, literacy development stages, and the integration of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and thinking. Additionally, participants will explore assessment strategies, including the use of diverse assessments, techniques for determining reading levels, and effective communication of students' progress to stakeholders.
  • On Day 2, candidates focus on oral language foundations, phonological awareness, print concepts, alphabet knowledge, phonics, syllabication, morphemic analysis skills, and reading fluency. Through research-based strategies and evidence-based practices, teacher candidates will acquire the knowledge and tools to assess and promote all students' development of these critical foundational skills for reading success.
  • On Day 3, candidates will explore vocabulary development, comprehension strategies, and critical thinking skills related to literary and informational texts, emphasizing research-based assessment and instructional practices for promoting students' reading proficiency across various genres and text types.
  • On Day 4, candidates will focus on the constructed response. This day emphasizes the skills required to analyze and respond to assessment data related to both foundational reading skills and reading comprehension, requiring participants to demonstrate their ability to identify students' needs, select appropriate instructional strategies, and provide well-reasoned explanations for their choices based on the assessment data presented.

Your Expert Tutors

Lizette Armenta

District Administrator

Lizette Armenta, a district administrator in Curriculum & Instruction, boasts a multifaceted background including significant roles as a Bilingual Teacher, Biliteracy Cohort Leader, and Bilingual/ESL Coordinator. Her extensive experience in bilingual instruction enhances her ability to mentor teachers effectively, fostering their growth and development. Specializing in aligning teaching strategies with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and the Science of Teaching Reading, Lizette plays a pivotal role in promoting student growth and shaping successful educational environments.

Dr. Lecia Eubanks

Director of Learning and Assessment

Dr. Lecia Eubanks, Director of Learning and Assessment at Teach Us, brings a wealth of experience to the forefront as she facilitates the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) webinar. With a background spanning teaching, school and district administration, and educational assessment, Dr. Eubanks deeply understands pedagogical practices and professional responsibilities in education. Her expertise ensures participants gain invaluable insights and strategies for navigating the complexities of the PPR exam.