Science 7-12

Course Content

Summary of what participants can expect during the webinar series:

  • On day 1, candidates will delve into the crucial aspects of ensuring safety in science education, including understanding safety regulations, identifying potential hazards, and employing safe practices. We will explore the nature of science, emphasizing the process of scientific inquiry and the unifying concepts that span across scientific disciplines.  
  • Day 2 explores fundamental physics concepts crucial for the Science 7-12 TExES exam. Participants will explore motion in one and two dimensions, including analyzing graphs and solving problems related to displacement, velocity, and acceleration. Additionally, the session will cover Newton's laws of motion, gravitational and electromagnetic forces, and their applications.  
  • Day 3 focuses on Domain III - Chemistry. Candidates will explore the characteristics of matter and atomic structure, exploring concepts such as physical and chemical properties, atomic orbitals, and periodicity. The session will also delve into the properties of gases, including interrelationships among temperature, pressure, and volume, as well as the ideal gas law and gas laws applications.  
  • On day 4, candidates will delve into topics covering the structure and function of Earth's geosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere. From analyzing the internal structure of Earth to understanding plate tectonics, weathering, erosion, and deposition, candidates will gain comprehensive insights into the dynamic processes shaping our planet's surface.

Your Expert Tutors

Stephen Gruber

Co-Director of the UHCLTeach program

Dr. Stephen Gruber, Co-Director of the UHCLTeach program, holds a degree in STEM Curriculum and Instruction and brings extensive experience in teacher preparation, including instruction in Research Methods and Project Based Instruction courses. With certifications in TExES Science 6-8, TExES Science 7-12, and TExES Life Science, he draws from seven years of teaching middle school science and five years in high school (biology, chemistry, and physics) in the Houston area. Dr. Gruber's expertise and passion for science education are evident in his leadership of the Core 4-8 and TExES 7-12 Science Webinar Series.