Mathematics 7-12

Course Content

Summary of what participants can expect during the webinar series:

  • On the first day of the webinar series, participants will focus on algebraic reasoning and functions. They will explore topics such as linear and quadratic equations, polynomial functions, and exponential and logarithmic functions deepening their understanding of algebraic concepts and learning effective strategies for teaching these topics to secondary students.
  • The second day will center on geometry and trigonometry. Candidates will delve into Euclidean geometry, including topics such as angles, polygons, and circles, as well as trigonometric functions and their applications. Participants will gain valuable insights into geometric principles and trigonometric relationships, equipping them with the tools to effectively teach these concepts in the classroom.
  • Day three will focus on statistics and probability, covering essential topics such as data analysis, probability distributions, and statistical inference. Participants will explore methods for teaching statistical concepts, including data representation, measures of central tendency, and hypothesis testing. Through interactive exercises and real-world examples, participants will develop strategies for engaging students in statistical reasoning and fostering a deeper understanding of probability concepts.
  • The final day of the webinar series will cover calculus and advanced topics in mathematics. Participants will delve into differential and integral calculus, exploring concepts such as limits, derivatives, and integrals. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to explore advanced topics such as sequences and series, discrete mathematics, and mathematical modeling enhancing their understanding of calculus and gaining insights into advanced mathematical concepts.

Your Expert Tutors

Roberto Cruz

Secondary Math Educator

Roberto Cruz, a secondary math teacher, ensures students grasp fundamental mathematical concepts, using them as pillars for developing robust comprehension and critical thinking skills. With a career-long focus on personalized tutoring and small group instruction, Roberto adeptly tailors his approach to cater to individual learning styles. His expertise lies in crafting insightful questions that lead to profound mathematical understanding and academic excellence.