English Language Arts and Reading 7-12 231

Available on June 10, 2024

Course Content

Summary of what participants can expect during the webinar series:

  • On day 1, candidates will delve into the continuum of language arts skills emphasizing integration for improved literacy. Understand individual differences' impact on language skills and learn strategies for inclusive instruction. Explore active reading processes, selecting appropriate strategies for text types and purposes, while enhancing reading fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension across literary and non-literary texts.
  • On day 2, candidates will analyze genres, literary elements, and movements, fostering critical interpretation and discussion. Develop strategies for effective literary analysis and response, cultivating communities of engaged readers.
  • On day 3, candidates will navigate the writing process, promoting effective conventions, voice, and style. Explore principles of oral communication and media literacy, empowering students to critically analyze and create media messages.
  • On day 4, candidates will focus on the constructed response. This day emphasizes the skills required to  respond to the Literary Analysis Question and Writing Assessment and Pedagogy Question. Candidates will focus on themes and analyze literary devices and techniques, as well as demonstrate their ability to identify students' needs and select appropriate instructional strategies based on a student writing sample.

Your Expert Tutors

Tina Altum

Educator, writer, and educational consultant

Tina Altum, an experienced educator, writer, and educational consultant, brings a wealth of expertise to her work with ELAR 7-12. With over a decade of teaching experience spanning various subjects, including English and Speech, Tina has honed her skills in academic instruction and is fostered a passion for literature and writing among her students. Committed to student success and academic excellence, Tina's dedication shines through as she now shares her knowledge with educators, helping them make a positive impact in their classrooms and beyond through her work at Teach Us writing test preparation and facilitating webinars.