Core Subjects EC-6 Fine Arts/Health/Physical Education

Available on May 6, 2024

Course Content

Summary of what participants can expect during the webinar series:

  • Day 1 focuses on Fine Arts education, emphasizing strategies for fostering creativity and cultural appreciation in young learners through visual arts, music, theater, and dance. Candidates will explore the importance of integrating the arts into the curriculum to enhance student engagement and develop critical thinking skills.  
  • Day 2 shifts the focus to Health Education, covering topics such as promoting healthy behaviors, understanding human development and sexuality, and addressing mental health and wellness. Candidates will learn practical approaches to teaching students about nutrition, personal safety, and making informed health-related decisions.  
  • On Day 3, the webinar delves into Physical Education, highlighting the significance of regular physical activity for children's physical, social, and emotional development. Candidates will explore strategies for creating inclusive and enjoyable physical education programs that cater to diverse student needs and promote lifelong fitness habits.

Your Expert Tutors

Penny Pittman

Elementary Educator

Penny Pittman, an accomplished elementary teacher with a Master's in curriculum and instruction and certification in adult education, brings valuable experience to our discussion. With extensive background in teaching in Title I schools and recognized achievements such as Teacher of the Year and successful grant acquisitions, Penny's expertise and dedication make her a fitting leader for our webinar. Her commitment to continuous growth and mentorship further solidifies her role as a knowledgeable leader in the field.