Core Subjects 4-8 Social Studies

Course Content

Summary of what participants can expect during the webinar series:

  • On day 1, candidates will explore historical understanding and its importance in social studies education. This day includes an examination of traditional historical points of reference and analysis of significant historical events and developments. We will end this day with a discussion on geographic relationships and human interactions with the environment.
  • On day 2, candidates will explore basic economic concepts and understanding the organization of economic systems. This will include an analysis of occupational patterns and economic activities, ending with a discussion on the value and importance of work, spending, and saving money.
  • On day 3, we will present an overview of the structure and functions of government while examining key principles and ideas in major political documents. Candidates will analyze early United States political issues and government organization and understanding the role of citizens in democratic societies.
  • On day 4, we will end the series exploring cultural development and diversity, interactions among Science, Technology, and Society; and explore effective instructional practices and assessment strategies in social studies.

Your Expert Tutors

Amanda Rollert

Educator and Administrator

Amanda Rollert, certified in elementary and secondary history and equipped with a diverse background in education, administration, and virtual learning, is well-suited to present a Texes Core 4-8 Social Studies webinar. Her experience in building relationships, ensuring state compliance in school districts, and fostering teacher development makes her an ideal choice for guiding participants through an enriching learning experience in the realm of social studies.