Core Subjects 4-8 Science

Available on June 3, 2024

Course Content

Summary of what participants can expect during the webinar series:

  • On Day 1, candidates will delve into safety regulations, proper procedures for handling materials and equipment, and the intricacies of scientific inquiry. Discussions will extend to the practical implications of science in daily life, unifying themes that bridge various scientific disciplines, as well as concepts related to forces, motion, and the properties of matter.
  • Day 2 will further explore the chemical properties of matter, fundamental energy concepts, and the dynamics of energy transformations and conservation principles. Additionally, the focus will shift to an in-depth examination of the structure and functions of living organisms, including topics such as reproduction and heredity.
  • Day 3 will delve into the fascinating realm of biology, exploring the adaptations of organisms and the theory of evolution. We will examine taxonomical groups, classification methods, and how populations evolve over time. Additionally, candidates will gain insights into regulatory mechanisms and behavior, studying how organisms respond to stimuli, maintain homeostasis, and exhibit behavior influenced by evolutionary history.
  • Day 4 will focus on the relationships between organisms and their environment, as well as the structure and function of Earth systems. Candidates will learn about ecosystems, population dynamics, and energy flow. We will explore Earth's composition, geologic processes, and cycles within Earth systems, including the water cycle and biogeochemical cycles. The day will culminate with an exploration of weather, climate, celestial bodies, and the history of the Earth system.

Your Expert Tutors

Stephen Gruber

Co-Director of the UHCLTeach program

Dr. Stephen Gruber, Co-Director of the UHCLTeach program, holds a degree in STEM Curriculum and Instruction and brings extensive experience in teacher preparation, including instruction in Research Methods and Project Based Instruction courses. With certifications in TExES Science 6-8, TExES Science 7-12, and TExES Life Science, he draws from seven years of teaching middle school science and five years in high school (biology, chemistry, and physics) in the Houston area. Dr. Gruber's expertise and passion for science education are evident in his leadership of the Core 4-8 and TExES 7-12 Science Webinar Series.