Core Subjects 4-8 Mathematics

Course Content

Summary of what participants can expect during the webinar series:

  • Day 1 kicks off preparing candidates for success in the Core 4-8 Math TExES exam. Candidates will delve into foundational concepts essential for teaching mathematics to students in grades 4 through 8, covering topics such as number sense, operations, and algebraic thinking. Through engaging discussions and interactive activities, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of mathematical principles and how to effectively convey them to students.
  • On Day 2, candidates will explore geometry and measurement concepts critical for the Core 4-8 Math TExES exam. From geometric shapes and their properties to measurement units and conversions, participants will sharpen their skills in teaching geometric and measurement concepts to diverse learners. Practical strategies for addressing common misconceptions and promoting student understanding will be highlighted, equipping candidates with valuable tools for the classroom.
  • Day 3 focuses on data analysis and probability. Candidates will delve into statistical measures, data representation, and probability concepts, learning how to interpret data sets and make informed decisions based on statistical information. By exploring real-world applications and problem-solving scenarios, participants will enhance their ability to teach data analysis and probability effectively, fostering students' statistical literacy and critical thinking skills.
  • Day 4 concludes with a focus on mathematical processes and instructional strategies. Candidates will explore effective pedagogical approaches for promoting mathematical reasoning, communication, and problem-solving skills in students. With an emphasis on differentiation and assessment practices, candidates will gain valuable insights into creating engaging and inclusive learning experiences that empower all learners to succeed in mathematics.

Your Expert Tutors

Mary Gill

Director of Technology Services

Mary Gill, Director of Technology Services, leads efforts to update infrastructure, support educators, and equip students with digital skills. With expertise in K-12 math education, she collaborates on curricula and methodologies, facilitates professional development, and implements innovative strategies for math instruction. Leveraging teaching experience and technology integration, Mary bridges teaching practices with technology to create meaningful learning environments and coaches teachers and administrators on assessment tools for district-wide improvement.