Bilingual Target Language Proficiency Test

Available on June 10, 2024

Course Content

Summary of what participants can expect during the webinar series:

  • On day 1, candidates will focus on Listening Comprehension and delve into the ability to apply literal, inferential, and interpretive listening skills to authentic materials relevant to bilingual classrooms. From understanding main ideas and details to inferring meaning and evaluating information, participants will gain essential skills for effective communication in the bilingual education environment.
  • On day 2, candidates will dive into Reading Comprehension as we explore the ability to apply literal, inferential, interpretive, and critical reading skills to authentic materials written in the target language. From discerning literal content to analyzing cultural aspects, participants will enhance their ability to comprehend and engage with written materials effectively.
  • On day 3, candidates will explore the domain of Oral Expression as we focus on constructing effective and appropriate oral discourse in the target language for various audiences, purposes, and occasions relevant to bilingual classrooms. Participants will learn to respond orally to everyday situations in the bilingual classroom with confidence and clarity.
  • On day 4, we will conclude our webinar series with a deep dive into Written Expression, where candidates will hone their ability to write effectively in the target language for various audiences, purposes, and occasions relevant to bilingual classrooms.

Your Expert Tutors

Lizette Armenta

District Administrator

Lizette Armenta, a district administrator in Curriculum & Instruction, boasts a multifaceted background including significant roles as a Bilingual Teacher, Biliteracy Cohort Leader, and Bilingual/ESL Coordinator. Her extensive experience in bilingual instruction enhances her ability to mentor teachers effectively, fostering their growth and development. Specializing in aligning teaching strategies with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and the Science of Teaching Reading, Lizette plays a pivotal role in promoting student growth and shaping successful educational environments.