Bilingual Supplemental

Course Content

Summary of what participants can expect during the webinar series:

  • Day 1 focuses on foundational theories and principles of bilingual education, including language acquisition theories, bilingualism, and the role of culture in language learning.  
  • Day 2 delves into effective instructional strategies for emergent bilingual students, such as sheltered instruction, scaffolding techniques, and differentiated instruction. Additionally, it covers methods for promoting literacy skills in both languages.  
  • Day 3 addresses assessment practices, including formative and summative assessments, standardized testing accommodations, and strategies for evaluating language proficiency and academic progress.

Your Expert Tutors

Lizette Armenta

District Administrator

Lizette Armenta, District Curriculum Administrator, possesses a diverse background encompassing roles as a Bilingual Teacher, Reading Interventionist/Instructional Coach, Bilingual/ESL Coordinator, and Assistant Principal. With a focus on integrating bilingual education principles and aligning teaching strategies with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), Lizette plays a pivotal role in fostering student growth and cultivating thriving educational environments.