Early Childhood Education

Make a Lifelong Impact on Young Students

Equip yourself with best practices and innovative teaching methods to cultivate and nurture healthy development in young children! For teachers, staff, and administrators, our timely and relevant professional development courses can improve long-lasting positive outcomes related to both school readiness and social emotional development.

Professional development in early childhood education provides you with the resources and knowledge to shape the lifelong success and overall well-being of young children. Here, you can choose from a range of professional development modules, or earn a full CDA credential, that will prepare you to work with infants and toddlers or preschool-age children.

Professional Development Modules

  • Micro-Basic: Perfect for brief introductory and/or refresher courses that include topics such as active supervision, early childhood health, and property management.

  • Basic: If you're interested in seeking a range of topics in DEI, gardening with kids, or creativity development, these courses are ideal.

  • Essential: These courses take a deeper dive into broader topics such as social and emotional development, child development, planning a safe and healthy environment.

  • CDA Credential: A CDA is a Child Development Associate credential that provides you with increased job opportunities in the field of early childhood while gaining professional development hours and hands-on experience. Further, it provides your demonstration of dedication and commitment to the field of early childhood education. 120 hours of asynchronous coursework; with 480 hour practicum.

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